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The college is facilitated with various infrastructural provisions enabling the students to enrich their capabilities in academic, cultural and related activities. The college has been constructed in such a way so as to efficiently utilize the natural light and air which helps to minimize the use of electricity. The College has executed a number of tactical changes in the campus that projects its quality initiatives especially in the course of making the students globally proficient and in promoting the use of technology.

The College possesses 123 computers with internet facilities and free Wi-Fi connections. The College is well equipped with the Network Centre, 6 Browsing centers, 4 Computer Labs, the Language Lab, the Physics Lab, the Bio-tech Lab and the Electronics Lab, Entry in Service Coaching Centre, Career Guidance and Placement Cell, Women’s resting room, the Recreational Hall, purified drinking water facilities in every floor, hygienic wash rooms for boys, girls and staff in every floor.

Auditorium/ Conference Hall/ Seminar Hall/ ICT room

College Auditorium
College Conference Hall
Seminar Hall
    The College Auditorium, with pristine white tile and a beautiful ceiling roof is located on the second floor of the main building and has the capacity of accommodating more than 3000 seats at a time. A fully furnished Conference Hall on the ground floor with a seating capacity of 300 is an additional asset to the College where various seminars and workshops are held. Furthermore a newly constructed Seminar Hall with a seating capacity of 80 has been set up in the PG block. The ICT Room located on the ground floor which can accommodate 40 participants, help the teachers conduct classes using computer assistance.


With more than 21000 books our College library becomes one of the most opted resource hubs in the college. Apart from the required text books and references, we have a diverse variety of literary books and those catering to the varied interests and taste of the readers covering generaltopics, languages, history, philosophy, art etc.

The college has to its credit a limited collection of rare books which includes

  • Summa Theologica (complete collection- 5 volumes)- major philosophical work of our Patron Saint Thomas Aquinas
  • Hortus Malabaricus (complete collection- 12 volumes)- by Hendrik Van Rheede gives a detailed account of the flaura in Kerala
  • Collier collection of Charles Dickens (complete collection- 20 volumes) containing original illustrations by Phiz
  • Collected works of Mahatma Gandhi (complete collection- 100 Volumes)- pivotal to Gandhian Studies
  • Pictorial History of Second World War (complete collection- 5 volumes) containing rare original photographs taken during the time
  • Rigveda in Malayalam – an ancient Indian collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns along with associated commentaries in liturgy, ritual, and mystical exegesis
  • Catholic Encyclopedia (2 volumes, 1911 edition)- one of the four sacred canonical texts of Hinduism and an international work of reference on the constitution, doctrine,discipline and history of the catholic church
  • History of Philosophy ( 8 Volumes) a seminal work for catholic seminarians by Frederick Copleston a major critic of St. Thomas Aquinas
  • Encyclopedia of Visual Art (10 Volumes, 1983 edition) by Lawrence Gowing
  • The library management system is in place. An IBM Server is used with the KOHA Open Source Integrated Library System (ILS) software, for cataloguing and other library management activities. Some departments maintain a library of their own.


The institution has 38 class rooms equipped with both black and white boards with adequate number of fans and lights. The various departments have been provided with a projector and a tablet computer which has made the teaching learning process more ICT enabled.


The college has both conventional labs as well as computer labs under various departments.

The Physics and Electronics laboratories are well equipped with ultra-modern devices like Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Ultra Sonicator, Magnetic Stirrer, Hot Plate, Hot Air Oven, Digital and Analog Trainer kits, Microprocessor, Microcontroller, PIC, ARM kits.

The Biotechnology Lab is well furnished with latest equipment like PCR machine, UV Spectro Photometer, Blotting System, UV Transilluminator, etc. The lab also provides all facilities required for tissue culture.

Apart from the separate computer labs for the departments of Mathematics, Physics, Electronics the college has also installed a Commerce lab with tally software and a language lab under the direction of the English Department to improve the language skills of the students.


The Physical Education Department of the college is completely dedicated to fostering well trained and capable sports personalities of the future. In order to do so the institution has ample amenities to cater to the needs of the students gifted in sports.

The facilities for sports provided by the college include:

  • Well-furnished manual and multi gymnasium specially for weight training
  • Cricket pitch for training
  • Football/multipurpose Play ground
  • Hockey field
  • Two Morrum Tennis Court
  • Standard size concrete Tennis Court
  • Basketball court
  • Volley ball court
  • Hand ball/ Throw ball court
  • Ball/shuttle badminton courts
  • 333 meters cycling track/ athletic running track
  • Jumping pits for both long jump and high jump
  • Indoor Area for Table Tennis and Wrestling
Basketball Court                     Tennis Court

Other Facilities

  • Women’s Retiring Room
  • Recreation Hall
  • Purified Drinking water and cooler – Filtered drinking water is made available on the various floor.
  • Washrooms - Every floor has hygienic washroom for boys, girls and staff respectively.
  • Incinerator
  • Ramp/ Rail
  • Network Resource Room
  • Entry in Service Coaching Centre
  • Career Placement Cell
  • Canteen

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